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Don’t Forget To Get Your Employer to Match Your Donations

the Daffy team

· 2 min read

Corporate matching programs are everywhere. According to Nonprofit Source, 9 out of 10 companies offer a donation matching program, and between $2-3 billion is raised through corporate matching every year, but reports show that this could be much more. It’s estimated that $6-10 billion in matching gift funds go unclaimed each year. Yes, $6-10 billion each year.

At Daffy, we’re focused on helping our members be more generous, more often, and know that everyone loves doubling their impact—and would absolutely hate to see that money go unused.

1. Take Advantage of Your Employer Matching Program

One of the biggest reasons so much money is left unused is people don’t know that their employers offer it, so start by checking with your HR or People team.

If your company has a donation matching program, be sure to take advantage of it. Read up on the policy, the maximums, and any limitations on the types of organizations, so you can leverage your company’s program to the fullest. Some companies like Apple will match up to $10,000 per year, and some even donate a set amount for volunteer time. For example, Apple donates $25 to the organization for each hour of volunteer time.

If your company doesn’t currently offer one, consider asking them to consider starting one and share this guide from Benevity.

2. Get Your Donation on Daffy Matched by Your Employer

We’ve made it super simple to increase your impact through corporate matching.

With Daffy, you can easily submit your donation to your employer for matching:

  • Tap the donation you’d like your employer to match
  • Download the receipt
  • Upload it to your employer matching portal

Remember, with donor-advised funds, like Daffy, your employer will most likely match the donations you make to charities through Daffy, not the contributions you make to the account.

Every employer has its own matching policy, so please do let us know if you have any questions or issues.

3. Spread The Word

The reason so much money goes unused is the lack of awareness of these programs. Don’t forget to encourage your coworkers to get their donations matched, and tell friends to ask their employers if they have a matching program, too.

If you’re a Daffy member, be sure to invite your friends through your invite link to receive rewards. If you’re not a member yet, you can get started here.