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2022幸运飞行艇官方开奖网站 How it works

在线看飞艇开奖结果直播现场最快官网, 幸运飞行艇官方开奖历史记录 Choose how much you want to give this year, select whether you want to put money aside weekly or monthly—and we automate the rest.

幸运飞行艇官方开奖历史记录 Donate to your favorite causes & non-profits

幸运168飞艇官网开奖直播历史记录查询 Your favorite charity. Your alma mater. Your place of worship. All from one app.

Daffy supports nearly every U.S. non-profit (over 1.5 million to be exact, and more each day).

Daffy members saved over

$2 million

in taxes last year*

*The estimate is based on a marginal federal income tax rate of 24% and a California tax rate of 9.3% for 2021. In order to claim a charitable deduction, you must itemize your deductions.

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    Lower your income taxes. Receive an immediate income tax deduction when you contribute to your fund.

  • 📈

    No capital gains taxes when you contribute long-term appreciated stock or crypto.

  • 💰

    Tax-free growth. No taxes on the investment growth of your fund.

  • 💕

    Bunch your charitable contributions to maximize your tax benefit to qualify for itemized deductions.

  • 🧾

    All your tax receipts in one place. No more searching for donation receipts.

  • 💡Learn more about the tax advantages

No hidden fees

Simple, flat pricing

“When Vanguard is 13X more expensive. Something very rare has just happened in financial markets: A startup called Daffy is challenging Vanguard Group on price. And by a huge margin.


Only $3/mo

  • 2022年新版飞艇官方开奖直播 Contribute any amount with a linked bank, Apple Pay™️, and any major debit/credit card

  • Contribute with crypto, stock, or through an existing donor-advised fund transfer of up to $25,000 (Higher tiers available here)

  • Access to investment portfolios, including Standard, ESG, and Crypto options

  • Donate to almost every U.S. public charity

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Chris Riccomini



Major sleeper feature in @DaffyGiving: I have a list of what I’ve donated. Come tax season, this is handy. 💰 I always lose track. Not anymore… 😁

🌈Michael Ducker



Finally got around to trying @DaffyGiving - Wow! Most innovative fintech of the year. Incredibly impressive and thought out UX

BEn WEiss



Glad my son woke us up - caught the tweet and started my journey. Beautiful, simple app. Great job @adamnash and team @DaffyGiving




The only astonishing thing is that the sector has allowed this to happen. @DaffyGiving has now opened the door for a real conversation on tech & the democratization of #philanthropy - making it more accessible & more motivated to get $$$ into the community rather than sit on it.

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